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Welcome to the NEXT generation

Together, we're creating a new way to play and experience professional golf.

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How to join the tour

Here’s how to enter and participate in the 2023 NEXT Golf Tour.


Create a TrackMan profile

Download the TrackMan Golf app from the App Store.

Sign up and create your profile.

The same profile and email will be used to join the tournament.


Join the tournament

Visit the “Join” page and enter your information and the email used for your TrackMan account.

Select the tournament(s) to enter – Make sure you have enough time to play and upload your round recordings before the tournament deadline.

Once you’ve paid your entry fees, you’ll receive (via email): 1. Receipt of payment 2. An invitation to enter the tournament – you must click the link and confirm your entry


Play your round

Go to any TrackMan simulator and login with your TrackMan account.

Set up your phone/camera so that both the screen and you are fully visible. View the help center for additional information on how to record.

You must complete your round in one uninterrupted session.

Need help locating a simulator?


Camera setup

Position the camera behind the hitting area so that your entire body/swing and the screen can be seen.

Keep the viewing angle the same during the entire round.

Incomplete or manipulated recordings may result in disqualification.

Put your phone in flight mode / enable “do not disturb” so you don’t receive calls or notifications that may disrupt your recording


Recording – Basics

Use your smartphone’s standard camera settings (recommended: 1080p, 30 fps)

Ensure you have at least 3.5 gb of storage space per player in the recording (expect roughly 30 minutes of footage, per person playing)

Consider making two recordings: one for the front 9 and one for the back. This reduces file size and makes the upload process easier.


It is recommended to upload via a computer with a stable internet connection

Round recordings should be uploaded to

Note: uploading from your phone may result in significantly longer upload times (and technical issues)

Ensure your device doesn't go into sleep or lock mode during upload.

Upload your footage on the same day you play your tournament round.


Please include the following information.

Your name, TrackMan account email, social handles, round information, and descriptions of any highlights or issues.

See help center for additional information on uploading to wetransfer.

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Be a Social Media Standout and win

Post your best (or worst) shots and reactions, how you prepared for your round, post-round interviews, or anything else you want us — and the rest of the golfing world — to know about. Be creative! The top five Instagram posts from eligible players will earn $2,000 each.

Be sure to tag @NEXTGolfTour and use the hashtag #NEXTGolfTour.