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Season Wrap-Up_ “This is only the beginning”

Season Wrap-Up: “This is only the beginning”

During the inaugural season of the NEXT Golf Tour Powered by Trackman, 904 players from 33 countries hit 99,560 shots and took home $818,651 in prize money.

Not bad for a newbie.

Still, the numbers (impressive as they are) only tell part of the story. For many of those 904 players, the grinders who are chasing their dreams in professional golf, NEXT is all about opportunity.

The money they earned — and the winning habits they learned — on the NEXT will be invested in the pursuit of those dreams. Instead of worrying about covering expenses, they can focus on their games.

That’s huge. It’s what compelled Trackman to create NEXT in the first place. And it’s why we’re already looking forward to Season Two.

NEXT will return this November with more tournaments, larger fields, bigger purses and even more life-changing opportunities for the next generation of incredible players.

As Trackman Co-Founder and CEO Klaus Eldrup-Jørgensen said in his letter to players when the tour launched in January, “This is only the beginning for NEXT. We are building something here, and if we are successful — which I believe we will be — it will continue to grow and grow.”

So far, so good. See you in November.